Working Group 3: TanRAP, Training and Accreditation Scheme

Purpose This Working Group has been established to support the development of TanRAP and a national road engineering safety, Road Safety Audit and RAP Training and Accreditation scheme. This Working Group will build the institutional capacity to improve infrastructure safety and develop a national training and accrediation scheme to ensure safer road infrastructure in the country. The development of a Tanzania RAP programme will ensure effective knowledge transfer to support coordination efforts.   Membership The membership of Working Group 3 on TanRAP, Training and Accreditation Scheme include:
  • Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA)
  • National Institute of Transport (NIT)
  • Representatives of Ten Step Plan project partners (IRF, TARA, iRAP, PIARC, UNECA
  • Chair: Dr. Prosper Nyaki, NIT
  • Secretary: Eng. Faizer Juma Mbange, TARURA
  • TARA Coordinator: Eng. Swaleh Kassera
  • Project Core Group Lead: iRAP
  Scope of Activities and Deliverables The roles of Working Group 3 on TanRAP, Training and Accreditation Scheme include:
  • Undertaking road infrastructure management orgnaisational mapping and Gap Analysis and defining the key responsibilities and accountabilities for Road Infrastructure Management;
  • Development of National Training, Accreditation and Certification Scheme and Institutional Capacity;
  • Establishing and/or enhancing a national locally lead Road Assessment Program ensuring existing national agencies undertake the well-defined and locally relevant lead roles that provide the foundation for Safer Road Infrastructure and effective institutionalisation of Safe Roads;
  • Carrying out pilot Star Rating assessments on both existing roads and on designs as well as Road Safety Audits that elevate the safety for all road users to a 3-star or better standard.