Working Group 2: Road Design Standards

Purpose This Working Group has been established to support the review and update of Road Design Standards being used in Tanzania. This Working Group will also summarise the contents of the Road Geometric Design Manual and assess current documents related to road design.   Membership The membership of Working Group 2 on Road Design Standards includes:
  • Ministry of Works & Transport
  • Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA)
  • National Institute of Transport (NIT)
  • Other relevant national bodies competent and with expertise on design standards
  • Representatives of the Project Core Group (IRF, TARA, iRAP, PIARC, UNECA)
  • Chair: Prof. Nurdin K. Mushile, CoET, UDSM
  • Secretary: Eng. Hamis R. Waziri, TANROADS
  • TARA Coordinator: Eng. Abdul Awadh
  • Project Core Group Lead: IRF and PIARC
  Scope of Activities and Deliverables The roles of Working Group 2 on Road Design Standards include:
  • Mapping out policy, standards, guidelines and manuals applied for construction of new roads and maintenance and upgrading of existing roads in Tanzania;
  • Performing a review of standards, guidelines and manuals to assess their suitability for addressing safety needs of all road users and reaching targets 3 and 4;
  • Exploring options to address identified gaps and drafting revisions needed to update and upgrade the current standards, manual, and guidelines;
  • Outlining a process to ensure standards, manuals and guidelines are maintained and updated regularly.