Working Group 1: Infrastructure Safety Strategy and Action Plan

Purpose This Working Group has been established to develop and support the review and/or development of the National Road Safety Infrastructure Strategy and Action Plan. This includes the ongoing revision of the 2009 National Road Safety Policy and mapping of stakeholders for the planning effort. Membership Members of the first Working Group include:
  • Ministry of Works & Transport
  • Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA)
  • National Institute of Transport (NIT)
  • Other relevant national bodies competent with the expertise on infrastructure management
  • Representatives of the Project Core Group (IRF, TARA, iRAP, PIARC, UNECA)
  • Chair: Eng. Phillip S. Dwese- MoW
  • Secretary: Joseph Miglia (SHIVYAWATA)
  • TARA Coordinator: Eng. Severin Materu
  • Project Core Group Lead: IRF and PIARC
  • Representatives are from 18 local and international organizations
Scope of Activities and Deliverables The roles of Working Group 1 on Infrastructure Safety Strategy and Action Plan include:
  • Mapping out the organizations that will be part of the planning effort and how the collaborative process will be carried out, including the roles and responsibilities of the participants;
  • Performing a review of existing plans to assess their value and use for a new or updated national road infrastructure safety action plan in order to achieve targets 3 and 4 of the Global Road Safety Targets;
  • Development of a document that outlines strategies and an action plan for potential infrastructure interventions to improve road safety that includes a discussion on how projects will be prioritized for funding;
  • Outline a process to ensure the national strategic and action plans are maintained and updated regularly.