Post-crash Response

The aim of Pillar 5 of the Decade of Action for Road Safety is to increase responsiveness to post-crash emergencies as well as improve the ability of health and other systems to provide appropriate emergency treatment and longer term rehabilitation for crash victims.

As noted in the Global Road Safety Facility Strategic Plan for 2013-2020, "There remains an unmet demand to address road safety as a cross-sectoral concern that intersects the transport and education agenda. The lack of medical vehicles, trained staff and basic supplies cannot be ignored in designing multi-sectoral road safety interventions."

Pillar 5 addresses this demand. Activities of the pillar include developing prehospital care systems such as ambulances and telephone emergency response, and developing hospital trauma care systems with quality evaluations, rehabilitation and support programs, and appropriate road user insurance schemes. Pillar 5’s multi-sectoral approach also encourages investigations and fair legal settlements after crashes, encourages employers to hire and retain people with disabilities, and encourages research and development into improving crash response.

This Pillar is hosted by the WHO and UNRSC.