Safer Road Users

The aim of Pillar 4 of the Decade of Action for Road Safety is to develop comprehensive programs to improve road user behavior, have sustained or increased enforcement of laws and standards, combined with public awareness/education to increase seatbelt and helmet wearing rates, and to reduce drink-driving, speeding, and other risk factors. 

A crucial element of success for the Decade of Action will be effective and efficient road policing in LMICs. Traditional technical assistance to police has fallen short in delivering sustained outcomes, frequently because of lack of oversight and poor public perception of traffic police forces.

Four major risk factors related to road users are not wearing seatbelts, not wearing helmets, speeding, and drink-driving. Pillar 4 highlights the setting of evidence based standards and seeking compliance regarding those major safety concerns. Enforcement is an integral component to addressing these issues, in addition to awareness and education.

To that end, Pillar 4 contains activities addressing all of these aspects, including research and promotion of comprehensive policies with the goal of reducing road-traffic-related injuries in the public, private, and informal sectors.

Pillar 4 is hosted by the WHO and UNRSC.

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