Safer Roads and Mobility
In order to assist in adopting the vision and delivering on the objectives of Pillar II - as described in the Decade of Action Plan -  resources have been drawn together across four key "Focus Areas". Pillar II provides the support and tools needed to achieve safety benefits. The take-up and application of information provided within each of the four key Focus Areas of Pillar II will assist governments and road safety practitioners to achieve the goals of a Safe System. The Focus Areas (FA) and their objectives are as follows:
  • FA1: The Successful integration of road safety into existing systems and policies.
Objectives: to outline key motivators/incentives to ensure that road safety is fully and successfully integrated into existing systems and policies within government, developments banks, etc., for road planning, design and construction.
  • FA2: The identification and application of Road safety infrastructure management tools.
Objectives: to identify and provide road safety practitioners with infrastructure management tools to assist them in undertaking road safety tasks, to enable them to evaluate, prioritize and monitor infrastructure and operational safety performance.
  • FA3: "How-to" road safety solutions.
Objectives: to provide governments and road safety practitioners with evidence based targeted crash countermeasures in a how-to tips manner.
  • FA4: A model framework for road safety engineering capacity building.
Objectives: to provide countries with a practical framework for improving capacity in road safety engineering.

Download here the “Safer Roads and Mobility Overview” Leaflet

The UNRSC “Safer Roads and Mobility” group has furthermore produced in 2019 The Ten Step Plan for Safer Road Infrastructure to support countries seeking to implement initiatives in relation to the achievement of UN Member States Agreed Global Targets 3 and 4 for safer new and existing roads.