YouTube has over 400 urban mobility related videos and a search on Google Video found over 1,000 urban mobility related videos. The following sites specialise in urban mobility films and videos:

  • Global South Mobility Library
    More than 70 short videos on transport in developing countries
  • StreetFilms
    StreetFilms is a project of the New York City Street Renaissance (NYCSR), a collection of non-profits geared towards re-imagining the city's public spaces and making streets safer for pedestrians, bicycles and non-vehicular modes of transportation. The goal of the NYCSR is to engage the Department of Transportation and the city's elected officials in a dialogue about how to best improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. Urban transport videos from all over the world can be found here.
  • Lots Less Cars in Cities Video Library
    More than 90 videos of situations, actions, anomalies, and events taking place on the street in cities around the world.
  • World Carshare Video Library More than 10 short videos

The following urban mobility related videos are available in the gTKP Knowledge Centre: