New blogs are being created daily and several are beginning to examine urban mobility issues. The following blogs have active urban mobility related postings:

  • Blogs about: Urban Transport - A list of urban mobility blogs provided and updated by
  • India Urban Transportation Society - The posts focus on the Delhi Metro and similar rail based mass transit projects in Indian cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Alternatives such as Light Rail, Sky Bus, Electric Trolley Bus, Monorail, Tram, High Capacity Bus, and related public transportation issues are also discussed.
  • Moving to sustainable urban transport (and why we've moved our office hours)
    Based in Bangalore (India) this blog discusses sustainable urban transport and urban mobility initiatives.
  • Reinventing Urban Transport
    Thoughts on making urban mobility more of the answer and less of the problem. A new blog by Paul Barter, an academic who researches urban transport policy.
  • The City Fix
    Exploring Sustainable Solutions to the Problems of Urban Mobility. This blog examines the myriad ways that cities can adapt and ensure that the current wave of urbanization is good for humanity and the environment