Small Structures for Rural Roads Guideline

Small Structures for Rural Roads; A Practical Planning, Design, Construction & Maintenance Guide (LCSM), Paul Larcher et al., May 2010.

The aim of this document is to provide guidance to planners, designers and practitioners of rural roads in developing and transition counties. It is based on proven techniques and experience and should be the basis of introduction of low cost but durable construction practices in environments experiencing severe resource restrictions. It is intended that rural road practitioners and professionals will be able to utilise and adapt the knowledge in this document to introduce more appropriate and affordable techniques, standards and specifications into everyday practice, academic curricula and training.

The Small Structures for Rural Roads Guideline has been developed to its present final form through a series of initiatives funded by DFID; namely the Engineering Knowledge and Research TDR project Number R6851 and SEACAP 19 project. It has been reviewed and contributions have been made by AFCAP, SEACAP, ADB and IRF.

It is intended that this will be a dynamic document. Further contributions and comments are welcome to enable the guideline to be updated from time to time for the benefit of practioners. Please contact info(at)

Key Words: culvert, drift, bridge, low cost, local materials

Updated May 2010