Transboundary Transport

Every country houses a section of a transboundary transport link. The management of these transboundary links is always bestowed on a regional organisational. The international interfaces that constitute the management of transboundary transport present unique challenges - in a comparison to the management of national transport networks. This uniqueness explains the special attention given to transboundary transport in the Governance Theme.

This page will present case studies of transboundary transport management around the world. It will specifically expose the challenges as a coordination issue - a key strand of 'governance'. Questions to be addressed include:

  • What are the key public interests encased in transboundary transport? In other words, why do we need transboundary transport authorities?
  • What challenges do these authorities faces?
  • How can these challenges be explained?
  • What are the plausible antidotes to these challenges?