Governance Introduction

gTKP governance in transport

The "knowledge gaps" report summarises the results of the governance roundtable discussions held in Asia, Africa and Washington in 2007, and explains how the results were used to develop the current gTKP governance theme workplan.

IFRTD Forum News - Governance in Rural Transport and Development
The December 2007 issue of the newsletter of the International Forum for Rural Transport and Development, IFRTD Forum News, concentrates on governance in rural transport, see

Road Benchmarks

The governance theme is currently developing road benchmarks to assist in assessing governance and for making comparisons between different countries. See Please take a look, and add any comments directly on the benchmark web pages.

Governance Abstracts and Case Studies - examples, especially of good governance!

The governance in transport theme is actively looking for people with stories to tell about improving governance, both success stories and also lessons to be learned where expectations were not achieved. Small grants are available, and assistance may be available for writers unfamiliar with preparing articles or technical papers.

gTKP country champions - governance theme

Last year's governance theme roundtable discussions recommended the appointment of gTKP country champions. We are looking for people who enjoy discussion and debate, and who have an active interest in improving governance in transport in their own country.

Book about road infrastructure - "Road Basics"

The governance theme is also developing a book about road infrastructure for non-road sector specialists, to assist road users, the media and politicians to contribute to improving governance. Please take a look at the chapters planned for the book, and add any comments at: