Delineating Governance

Governance is a term riddled with ambiguity. It is therefore crucial that a definition of the term precedes any discussion on this potentially amorphous arena. We adopt the definition by Lynn et al. (1):

....means for achieving direction, control, and coordination of wholly or partially autonomous individuals or organizations on behalf of interests to which they jointly contribute [Generic Definition].

....regimes of laws, administrative rules, judicial rulings, and practices that constrain, prescribe, and enable government activity, where such activity is broadly defined as the production and delivery of publicly supported goods and services [Definition of Public Sector Governance].

The Theme will promote the refinement and dissemination of knowledge on governance in the transport sector. Broad objectives of 2009/10:

  1. identify associates [universities & think-tanks]
  2. launch precisely defined research tasks
  3. improve the diffusion of transport knowledge in universities, government departments and in the private sector through workshops, conferences and lectures.

(1) LYNN, L.E., HEINRICH C.J., and HILL, C.J., 2000. Governance and Public Management: Challenges and Prospects. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. J-Part10 (2000):2: pp 233-261.