User charges

Source: Source: New Zealand Transport Agency

Road user charge is a wide term encompassing all types of payments by road users which can be related to:
- fuel: fuel tax, levies
- the vehicle: registration, licences, taxes, vignette
- usage: tolls, parking charges
- regulation enforcement: fines, e.g. for overweight vehicles
- available road capacity: road pricing, congestion charging
An overview of types of road user charges including an assessment of some of their characteristics according to Heggie and Vickers can be found here.

Two approaches, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive, can be applied for road user charges: a) they can be used primarily as source of revenue to be used for road investment; b) they can be used as tool for managing demand and internalising external costs.

Read more in the gTKP Finance & Economics Topic Information Sheet on User Charges.


For more detailed information about Road Pricing and Congestion Charging, please be referred to the Road Pricing and Congestion Charging page elsewhere on the gTKP-website.