Welcome to the global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP) COVID-19 repository being made possible thanks to the support of the UK-AID funded High Volume Transport Programme!

We are delighted to welcome you to this new global hub for transport-related information concerning the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted and is still impacting so many aspects of our daily lives. We hope you will find this repository informative and insightful.

In this section, you will find insights and resources ranging from COVID-19 Impacts, to COVID-19 ResponsesCOVID-19 Recovery Pathways and much more.

In terms of the COVID-19 Responses, specific sub-pages provide entry points by mode of transport (e.g. aviationcyclingmaritimerailroadwalking). Alternatively, information is provided by type of transport (e.g. freight, or passenger transport, or further broken down into informal transport and public transport. Specific information can further be attained for the response by rural mobility and urban mobility.

Similarly, the COVID-19 Recovery section entails sub-pages outlining everything from Avoid-Shift-Improve, to Planning Resilient Transport, Public-Private Partnerships as well as Regulatory and Fiscal measures. 

The section on COVID-19 Transport Data addresses how the pandemic has rolled out in quantitative terms. Collating various sources and insights, it is acknowledged that more data is available for upper-middle-income and high-income countries, however, the literature on low and lower-middle-income countries is also expanding.

Specific sections are further dedicated to the impact COVID-19 has had on Transport workers, and COVID-19 and Women, Children, the Elderly and People with Disabilities.

If you have any additional reports or information that you would like to see included on the gTKP COVID-19 repository, contact us via the contact form.

We thank SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport and all the external reviewers for contributing to the compliation of these knowledge resources. Without them this work would have not been possible!

While we move forward in this journey, we welcome ongoing comments and suggestions as to how we can continue to improve the content and outreach of the portal to meet evolving needs. More than this, we welcome the opportunity to work with many other organisations in the transport sector and beyond to make gTKP a joint effort and a shared platform.