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Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is the predominant regional development institution for the Asia Pacific region. It covers 44 developing countries in the region which has half the world's population. The ADB is planning to conduct a Transport Forum but requires additional financial resources to underpin the event. In this respect gTKP has agreed to support the Forum as the event will be an important venue to disseminate information and discuss important policy issues that concern a wide rnage of developing countries in the region. The involvement of gTKP provides the opportunity to partner with an important multilateral development partner in an event that will attract senior policy makers and transport practitioners from across the region. By partnering with ADB the credibility of gTKP will be significantly enhanced both by other potential partners as well as practitioners, members and future potential members. Read more information on the partnership here.
Manila, Philippines, Ph: + 632 632 4444

50 by 50 - Global Fuel Economy Initiative

The Global Fuel Economy Initiative exists to promote debate and discussion around the issue of fuel economy. On the basis of current evidence on existing technologies, we believe that huge gains could be made in the fuel economy, gains which could help every country, but particularly those in the developing world, to address the pressing issues of climate change, energy security and sustainable mobility which they face. In the longer term we want to see real improvements in the fuel economy capacity of the global car fleet. To that end, we will continue to raise awareness, present evidence, and offer support, in a way which enables more and more countries to adopt effective fuel economy standards and policies which work in their circumstances and with their fleet.
60 Trafalgar Square - London WC2N 5DS, Ph: 44 (0)207 930 3882, Email:

Africa Community Access Project, The

DFID has recently initiated a sister programme to SEACAP in Africa. AFCAP will provide advice and undertake research to facilitate the delivery of safe and sustainable access for poor communities in Africa. It is based around a portfolio of research, demonstration, advisory and training projects and will be linked to the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Programme (SSATP). The outputs of the programme are expected to feed directly into regional and national governments' rural transport policies and strategies for poverty reduction. Arrangements have just been established for AFCAP and projects will be underway shortly.

African Development Bank

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group’s mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living conditions for Africans and mobilize resources for Africa’s economic and social development
Tunis, Ph: +21671103450, Email:

African Road Maintenance Funds Organisation (ARMFA / AFERA)

See their website for contact details.
Africa, Ph: (237) 2222 4752/22044773

Clean Air Institute

Established in 2006 by the World Bank, in partnership with Breakthrough Technologies Institute, the Clean Air Institute (CAI) is a policy, research and advocacy non-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA, that promotes improved air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, mainly in Latin America. The CAI manages the Clean Air Initiative for Latin American Cities (CAI-LAC), a partnership of cities, private sector and non-governmental organizations, that provides a forum for cities in Latin America to exchange information on air quality programs. CAI-LAC members include the cities of Bogotá (Colombia); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Lima-Callao (Peru); Mexico City (Mexico); Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); Santiago (Chile); and São Paulo (Brazil).
Washington, DC, USA, Ph: +1 (202) 785-4222 ext. 13, Email:

Department for International Development

The UK government believes it is in all our interests to help poor people build a better life for themselves. So in 1997 it created a separate government department - the Department for International Development (DFID) - to meet the many challenges of tackling world poverty. It is DFID’s job to make sure every pound of British aid works its hardest to help the world’s poor.
United Kingdom


DFID is the part of the UK government that manages Britain's aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty.

Driving for Better Business

A campaign to raising awareness of the importance of work-related road safety, in the business community and public sector by using advocates drawn from these communities to promote the business benefits of managing it effectively.
London, Ph: +44(0)02073449236, Email:


Economic Commission for Africa