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YOURS-Youth for Road Safety
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Youth and Road Safety – Action Kit

More than 100 governments around the world signed a UN General Assembly resolution that dedicates 10 years, 2011-2020, to road safety. At the same time, more and more young people around the world are recognising the magnitude of the problem. In response, many of us have become active, raising awareness of those around us and encouraging our leaders to take decisive action to prevent road traffic injuries.

This Youth and Road Safety Action Kit is intended to support this movement, introducing young individuals and organisations to road safety, particularly youth issues, and providing the knowledge we need to implement road safety projects. The Kit is one of YOURS’ contributions to the Decade of Action. It is YOURS first publication and will be the key document used in our capacity development activities. YOURS will also disseminate the Kit through the global youth network, support its translation into as many languages as possible, and encourage its use and adaptation by young people around the world.

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