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Andrew Winder, Anthony D May and Khaled El-Araby
Association for European Transport and contributors (EU)
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Peter MIdgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
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Urban Transport Performance and Policy: Results of a European Public Perception Survey

This paper describes the findings of a public perception survey conducted on 3000 people in the 15 “old” EU Member States. This survey was carried out as part of the “National Policy Frameworks for Urban Transport” (NPF-Urban Transport) project.

NPF-Urban Transport is a three-year study contract for the European Commission, DG-Energy and Transport (DGTREN), running from 2003 to the end of 2005. The project involves the collection of data to provide a comparative analysis on the performance of urban transport policies in each of the EU-15 (the 10 New Member States were not included in the project brief, as the study commenced before the 2004 EU formal enlargement).

The project covers inputs (such as investment, public transport supply and out-of-pocket travel costs), intermediate outcomes or processes (such as passenger-km by mode) and final outcomes (related to safety, pollution, energy use and economic issues). The focus is on analysing differences between these at a national level and national data is used wherever possible.