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Armin Wagner
GTZ, Eschborn (Germany)
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Peter Midgley
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Urban Transport and Climate Change Action Plans

This paper and presentation summarises the measures outlined in Climate Action Plans of more than 30 cities on all continents. Its focus is on the actions proposed in the transport chapter of the relevant plans. However, in many cases other Urban Transport Planning documents (Transportation Master Plans, Land Use Plans etc.) play a key role for implementing specific measures, while the Climate Action Plans outline the more general goals. Where available and indicated, such documents were therefore included for the summaries below. No futher research beyond the documents mentioned in the relevant chapter for each city has been done. While every care has been taken to provide accurate and up-to-date information, this paper does neither claim to be exhaustive, nor to cover all major cities world wide. Rather, it aims at providing the reader with an overview of the numerous options municipal governments have in reducing GHG emissions and thereby contributing to the fight against global warming. This might be especially interesting for stakeholders in newly industrialised and developing countries, where large cities face increasing challenges with regard to emissions, but also congestion and related issues.