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Dibyendu Sengupta and P.K. Sikdar
Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
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General, Urban Mobility
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Urban network congestion and road safety issues in Delhi: A root cause analysis (Presentation 754)

In this paper, we review the traffic congestion that causes enormous loss to national economies. Delhi, the capital city of India, is highly prone to this problem for simple and known deficiencies in the network, as well as driving behavior. Road safety is also linked to the congestion. Both congestion and safety have standard solutions. The focus of this research study is on the engineering aspects of road network design and operation, traffic engineering deficiencies, and the prevailing driving behaviors.

To understand the traffic congestion and road safety issues, a detailed study or examination of the existing network has been taken up to assess the traffic (congestion) and road safety situation in New Delhi. These examples also give insight to the many engineering and behavior related issues which give rise to the congestion and safety problems.Issues related to network supply and its deficiencies are examined in this analysis.

Having examined the root causes of the engineering and behavioral issues, suitable measures to contain these underlying problems have also beensuggested. These include enforcement and education, in addition to engineering measures, which have been found elsewhere to have salutary effect on behavior.