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Daniel Bongardt, Frederic Rudolph, Wolfgang Sterk
Wuppertal Institute
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Susanna Zammataro
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Transport in Developing Countries and Climate Policy

This paper aims at connecting the need for transport actions in developing countries to the international negotiations on a post-2012 climate change agreement. Arguing that the transport approach needs to set up comprehensive policy packages, it assesses the substance of current climate negotiations against the fit to sustainable transport. The paper concludes with several specific recommendations, for example the suggestion of setting up a mitigation fund for both policies and transport projects.

In essence, the idea would be to have a mitigation fund established under the UNFCCC and financed by industrialised countries. This fund should explicitly enable developing countries to implement national sustainable development transport and mobility policies as well as local projects. While industrialised countries would set up target achievement plans, developing countries should outline low carbon development strategies, including a section on transport policy.

Link: Transport in Developing Countries and Climate Policy