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Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change

The transport sector is a significant contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions in most countries, representing 23% (worldwide) and 30% (OECD) of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in 2005. Automobile transport is the principal CO2 emitter, but other transport modes also impact global warming – sometimes significantly as in case of aviation and maritime transport. Growth in transport sector emissions has typically mirrored growth in economic wealth and has kept pace with or even surpassed growth of emissions from the energy sector. Because of this, it is likely that most countries will have to include the transport sector in achieving future greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

A defining milestone in these discussions, the International Transport Forum 2008 gathered over 800 policy-makers, researchers and industry stakeholders in Leipzig for a cycle of roundtables on cost-effective technology and policy instruments required to improve energy efficiency and curb carbon emissions across transport modes. This publication condenses the main findings of these roundtables and provides access to research work carried out by the Forum in such areas as biofuels, ecodriving, the impact of high energy prices and the effectiveness of fuel efficiency policies.

Link: Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change