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Susanna Zammataro
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Towards the Decarbonisation of the EU’s Transport Sector by 2050

The aim of the project, called EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050? project, funded by the European Commission’s DG Environment, is to take a first step in developing such a long-term strategic approach to ensuring the compatibility of transport’s GHG emissions with the EU’s long-term climate goals. This report gives an overall overview if the project.

The project is organised around the following themes:

1) Transport trends and drivers: How is transport demand influenced by the wider economy and wider trends?
2) What level of GHG emissions from the transport sector would be likely to be compatible with the EU’s long term GHG reduction goals? What is the optimal timing for actions to achieve these?
3) How much GHG emission reduction is technology likely to be able to deliver and what other actions will be needed? What will the overall costs to society be for these actions?
4) How can likely changes in transport type and structure affect the sector’s GHG emissions?
5) What policy framework is needed over the short, medium and longer term to ensure the compatibility of EU transport sector emissions with long term climate goals?