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H Ribbens and J Raborifi
Department of Transport (South Africa)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
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South Africa

Towards Implementing a National Pedestrian Strategy for South Africa

The paper covers the implementation of a national pedestrian strategy in South Africa under
the following headings:
– The role of the Road to Safety 2001 – 2005 Strategy to reduce pedestrian casualties in South Africa.
– The national transport policy formulation process and the strategies that preceded the launching of Road to Safety 2001 – 2005.
– The strategic objectives, supporting strategies and expected outcomes of Road to Safety 2001 – 2005 in respect of pedestrian safety.
– The major short and medium term interventions through which Road to Safety 2001 – 2005 seeks to promote pedestrian safety.
– The compilation of a National Pedestrian Business Plan to secure dedicated funding for the improvement of hazardous pedestrian locations throughout South Africa.