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Thimphu City Corporation
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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THIMPHU: Thimphu 2020: Alternative Visions for Bhutan’s Capital City

“For Bhutan, there are imperatives that transcend narrow economic interpretations…”
“Our independence, sovereignty and security will continue to be dependent upon the assertion of our distinctive Bhutanese identity … in dynamic and development oriented ways so as to ensure that it maintains its relevance … for a society in transformation”
“… architects and builders [should] maintain and adapt as necessary our traditional and distinctive forms of architecture … which can be interpreted by local communities as a commitment to Bhutanese traditions and values and not as alien intrusions. … It would not be difficult for us to project an image to the world that we might refer to as “sophistication and civilization”. Sophistication would give expression to the types of economic activity we would like to promote, linked to our natural … endowments, while civilization would refer specifically to the distinctiveness and uniqueness of our cultural heritage.”
“It is possible to be the same, while being distinctly different”
– Bhutan Vision 2020, Royal Planning Commission 1999