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The Future of Urban Transport

The Cabinet Office Strategy Unit, DfT and a number of other Government Departments have worked together in recent months to consider how transport can best support the success of our urban areas. The analysis, which is being published alongside this paper, has important implications for decision makers at all levels of government. This paper both provides a summary of the conclusions set out in more detail in the analysis and builds on it to offer a vision for the future of urban transport.

Firstly the paper highlights why our cities and large towns are so important and why effective transport systems are essential to making them successful. It considers how these transport systems affect different areas – economy, health and urban environment – both negatively and positively and proposes solutions which can produce positive outcomes to all of them: triple win outcomes.

The paper then puts forward a vision of urban transport that envisages enhanced mobility through a wider choice of journey, reduced congestion, better health and enjoyable urban spaces. The steps already taken towards this vision are recognised: for example the flexible legislative and policy framework available to local authorities.

The further steps required to fully achieve the vision, including shared strategies and local leadership, are set out and lay the foundation of the challenge ahead.

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