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Jeroen Buis
I-ce Interface for Cycling Expertise (the Netherlands)
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Peter Midgley
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The Economic Significance of Cycling

This publication is the first overview of its kind of the various costs and benefits of cycling, and it shows how the necessary calculations can be made. We consider it as an important first step, and also as a contribution towards presenting the bicycle as a serious and versatile solution. Because when it comes down to it, the bicycle is a cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport. However, governments, interest groups and experts often undervalue the bicycles contribution to well-being and prosperity. Meanwhile, they rightly concern themselves around the world with problems related to the environment, poverty, sustainability, health and the quality of life, all problems for which the bicycle could be the solution they are looking for.

The Annex contains the results of four cost-benefit calculations:
Amsterdam, Bogotá, Delhi, Morogoro