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The 2009 Copenhagen Diagnosis : Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science

This report covers the range of topics evaluated by Working Group I of the IPCC, namely the Physical Science Basis. This includes:
• an analysis of greenhouse gas emissions and their atmospheric concentrations, as well as the global carbon cycle;
• coverage of the atmosphere, the land-surface, the oceans, and all of the major components of the cryosphere (land-ice,glaciers, ice shelves, sea-ice and permafrost);
• paleoclimate, extreme events, sea level, future projections, abrupt change and tipping points;
• separate boxes devoted to explaining some of the common misconceptions surrounding climate change science.

The report has been purposefully written with a target readership of policy-makers, stakeholders, the media and the broader public. Each section begins with a set of key points that summarises the main findings. The science contained in the report is based on the most credible and significant peer-reviewed literature available at the time of publication. The authors primarily comprise previous IPCC lead authors familiar with the rigor and completeness required for a scientific assessment of this nature.

Link: The 2009 Copenhagen Diagnosis :  Updating the World on the Latest Climate Science