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Taking Advantage of Intelligent Transport Systems To Improve Road Safety

This report shows the seven ITS-measures found to have the greatest influence in reducing the number of fatalities in road crashes.

This report prepared by Technical Committee 3.1 – Road Safety deals with the contribution of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to road safety. The target audiences are government and local road authorities and road operators, private and public road authorities and the police.

The purpose of the report is to help road authorities to develop an ITS plan for their roads and to be able to understand the opportunities for improved road safety using vehicle based ITS. The goal is that road authorities can use the report to get inspiration for implementing ITS on roads and to understand the effects on road safety. Furthermore the report can be used to gain a better understanding of vehicle based ITS and the effect on road safety. ITS changes rapidly. The report highlights the latest information on ITS, and the “state of the art” practices, and is intended as a supplement to the PIARC ITS Handbook from 2004. Concepts of intelligent technology systems both on roads and in vehicles have been identified and information on the effects of ITS on road safety has been gathered from literature. Road administrations can use this report in order to develop ideas and implement ITS solutions on infrastructures and in-vehicle and understand outcomes on road safety.