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Alastair Byers and Owen Clark
Transport & Travel Research Ltd (UK)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Europe (EU)

SUTP Development in Europe

The PILOT project forms a key contribution to the formulation of the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment as set out in the 6th Environmental Action Programme. The project responds to the recommendations of the Working Group on Sustainable Urban Transport, which identified the preparation of Sustainable Urban Transport Plans (SUTPs) as an important cornerstone for promoting sustainable urban transport. PILOT particularly recognises the necessity to provide guidance for the practical preparation of SUTPs. Furthermore it sets out to develop a common indicator-based monitoring and assessment framework for SUTPs and to disseminate ‘good practice’ and raise awareness about sustainable urban mobility issues. In this way, the project aims to provide substance to the design of the Thematic Strategy by addressing a number of strategic and operational objectives. PILOT is a research project that will demonstrate the preparation of sustainable urban transport plans (SUTP) in four European cities (Evora, Lancaster, Tallinn, Braila) and establish a “pilot-network” for this innovative undertaking.

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