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Anna Hadenius, Inregia; Jonas Ericson, Environment and Health Administration, City of Stockholm
CIVITAS: Trendsetter Project (EU)
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Peter Midgley
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Urban Mobility
Europe (EU)

Sustainable Urban Transport

Sustainable Urban Transport is a key task for European cities.Increasing road traffic with resulting congestion and environmental problems and the increasing dependency on finite oil resources is an important issue to address for urban areas. The cities of Lille, Graz, Prague, Pécs and Stockholm demonstrated and evaluated more than 50 different ways to reduce these problems by implementing radical and innovative sustainable urban transport measures during the years 2002 to 2006.

These efforts were carried out in the TRENDSETTER-project (Setting Trends for a Sustainable Urban Mobility) and were co-financed by the European Commission. For the cities involved, the project helped focus on these issues of sustainable transport. The project also brought increased cooperation between the cities and other European cities, with support by the European CIVITAS programme.

This report summarises the results from the TRENDSETTER project and presents them so that the examples and conclusions can be used by other cities.

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