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Matthijs Koornstra (SWOV), David Lynam (TRL), Göran Nilsson (VTI), Piet Noordzij (SWOV), Hans-Erik Pettersson (VTI), Fred Wegman (SWOV), and Peter Wouters (SWOV)
SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research
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Catherine Willis
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SUNflower: a comparative study of the development of road safety in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands

The highway safety performance of various countries within Europe differs considerably. Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the three nations with the lowest accident levels. They are referred to in this report as the SUN countries. The goal of this study is to ascertain the underlying elements in the current programs and policies of the SUN countries, which make them particularly effective in coping with traffic safety, and thereby identity the policy improvements most likely to produce casualty reductions in both SUN countries and other European nations.