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Charlotte Brannigan, Gena Gibson, Ian Skinner, Duncan Kay
AEA Technology
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Gena Gibson
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Study on how to improve consumer information on CO2 and fuel economy

A study by AEA Technology looked at car CO2 labelling systems in eight EU Member States.

Differences in the format and the application of the CO2 label between Member States are analysed – the study found that some compare a car with the whole car market while others show only how it compares with others of the same type.  The authors recommend that future labels should ideally include both types of rating. If that is not possible, comparing the car with the whole market would be preferable. 

Based on an extensive desk research and consultation, including a stakeholder workshop, the report provides policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the CO2 Car Labelling Directive.  The report also highlights where national law goes beyond the minimum requirements, and compares the enforcement activities.  It also considers extension of the label to include other modes of transport.

The study will underpin the Commission’s work on the review of the Directive envisaged for second half of 2013.

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