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Smart Mobility for a 21st Century America

Strategies for Maximizing Technology to Minimize Congestion, Reduce Emissions and Increase Efficiency
Improving transportation efficiency through operational innovation is critical as our population grows and ages, budgets tighten and consumer preferences shift. Now, as Congress prepares to review and reauthorize the nation’s transportation program, an array of innovations that were either overlooked or did not exist at the time of previous authorizations can be incentivized.
Case studies here and abroad show how savvy investments can help the U.S. save money while reclaiming world leadership in developing a transportation network for the 21st century. Smart technologies are available to improve travel efficiency, provide accurate real-time information, make pricing and payments more convenient, and customize travel to meet individual needs.
But these innovations require systematic deployment throughout the transportation system and across the country in order to be most effective. As Congress moves forward with a comprehensive transportation bill, this report shows how establishing national targets for reducing congestion and emissions through programmatic changes and funding incentives can accelerate the development and implementation of innovative, new information systems and technology solutions.