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SEACAP 1 RRST Guidelines

Rural road pavement construction
These supervision and construction guidelines synthesize the accumulated substantial experience and knowledge and provide guidance on the range of trialed paving techniques, including:

  • Explanation of key issues within the specifications
  • A series of concise illustrated step by step guides on construction
  • Key supervision issues
  • Advice on supervision procedures
  • Advice on in situ and laboratory control testing
  • Advice on quality control

Recommendations for maintenance technical guidelines for rural roads
The document  provides recommendations and material for potential inclusion in future editions of the national maintenance handbooks regarding:

  • Maintenance procedures for an agreed list of paving types,
  • Draft Cost Norms to cover the above procedures,
  • Clear illustrated step-by step descriptions of maintenance procedures,
  • Advice and comment on the links between condition monitoring and consequent maintenance programmes.

Rural road pavement and surface condition monitoring
Provides clear practical advice on the procedures for pavement condition monitoring in the rural road sector and includes:

  • Advice on planning and undertaking monitoring surveys
  • Standard forms and guidance on their use
  • Specifications and Guidance on the use of monitoring equipment such as the DCP and MERLIN.
  • Guidance on the collation and QA of collected data
  • Advice on the management of the data within the RRSR database
  • Advice on the management of the data within the RRSR database
  • Advice on the interpretation of the data and its links to maintenance requirements
  • Appropriate diagrams, photographs and examples of collected data sets