Overviews and Activity Reports
Dipl. Ing. Hans-Joachim Becker and Dipl. Ing. Diana Runge
Commission 4 Urban Mobility Management, Metropolis (Germany).
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Peter Midgley
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Urban Mobility
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Safeguarding Mobility – Transforming Transportation

The aim of this paper is to outline trends and issues of urban transport in cities in developed and developing countries1 alike, building on the experiences made in cities that are involved in the activities of Standing Commission 4 “Urban Mobility Management” (C4) of the Metropolis network. It is thereby attempted to show both differences and similarities of the developments with special focus on the cultural, historical and social backgrounds, in which these take place. Furthermore, examples of best practice and case studies of innovative attempts to deal with the current challenges are being presented.

The main input for this paper was derived from the work carried out by Standing Commission 4, which was taken as a starting point into further investigation on the challenges of mobility in cities all over the world.