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Safe Roads for Development – A policy framework for safe infrastructure on major road transport networks

People depend on roads in their daily life – to get to school, to work, or to the health centre. Roads underpin the businesses, agriculture and trade which provide the jobs that lift nations out of poverty.

This policy framework focuses primarily on providing a high-level overview – it is not a comprehensive and prescriptive “how to do it” guide. It is concerned mainly with those major road networks that provide the linkages between towns and cities and with the busy commuter routes in urban corridors. These major roads are generally the roads where the majority of people are killed and in their greatest concentrations.
This document focuses primarily on the safety of the users of these major roads and the conflicts between different road users resulting from the heavy use of these roads by motorised transport. Therefore, the report does not cover the roles that roads – often local roads and streets fulfil  – as part of their “public domain” as a place to meet, to talk or play or search for goods and services.
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