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Safe, Clean, and Affordable Transport for Development: The World Bank Group’s Transport Business Strategy 2008-2012

The 1996 World Bank strategy, Sustainable Transport, had as its pillars social, financial, economic, and environmental sustainability, acknowledging the likelihood of tradeoffs (for example, between safety and costs, or financial returns and user fees, or vehicle standards and air quality). This background paper was prepared to inform the update of the 1996 strategy. It presents in more detail the arguments for broadening the transport agenda, and seeking stronger intersectoral connections and synergies. Overall, the goal of the Bank strategy is safe, clean, and affordable transport that contributes to economic development. We are thus moving from a strategy based on transport modes to a business approach driven by results, inside and outside the transport sector. As with other infrastructure sectors, transport is above everything an access agenda, aimed at unlocking growth and development potential in an inclusive fashion.