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Road Traffic Injury Prevention – Training Manual

Human capacity to respond to this major public health concern is an important component of efforts to prevent road traffic injuries. Policy-makers, researchers and practitioners need information on effective
prevention measures and how to develop, implement and evaluate such interventions. There is a need to train more specialists in road traffic injury prevention in order to address the growing problem of road traffic
injuries at international and national levels.
The World report on road traffic injury prevention, launched in 2004, identified the development of capacity as a key recommendation. Consequently, the World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Transport Research and Injury Prevention Programme of the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, was prompted to develop this manual to provide guidance to professionals working on road traffic injury prevention.
This manual equips the user with necessary information on: the magnitude and impact of the problem of road traffic injuries; key risk factors; the need for a scientific approach to preventing road traffic injuries and how to strengthen the evidence base for prevention; how to implement promising interventions; how to deliver post-crash care; the need for multisectoral collaboration; and how to formulate and implement road safety policies.