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Road safety guidelines for Asia and the Pacific

These documents were devised to help countries overcome some of the deficiencies and impediments preventing effectiveness of road safety. Guidance is given on the types of interventions and countermeasures that can be implemented in each of the 14 major sectors (coordination and management of road safety, road accident data systems, road safety funding and the role of the insurance industry, safe planning and design of roads, improvement of hazardous locations, road safety education of children, driver training and testing, road safety publicity and campaigns, vehicle safety standards, traffic legislation, traffic police and law enforcement, emergency assistance to road accident victims, road safety research, and road accident costing) affecting road safety, and also on how these different interventions can be coordinated within national road safety action plans and programmes to bring about road safety improvement. It is intended to promote comprehensive coordinated approaches to road safety and to encourage networking and sharing of information.

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