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Report on Road Transport Best Industry Practices (First and second)

This first IRU report presents best practices for sustainable development from the road transport industry. In this context, sustainable development practices are those that reduce environmental impact while continuing to satisfy market demand and maintaining the economic survival of the company. The examples included in the report present a brief description of the company and its services, a description of the various measures the company has taken to drive towards sustainable development, information on the framework conditions and the process of implementation, and benefits for the company and the environment. The examples are supplemented with charts, photographs and diagrams.

Link: Report on Road Transport – Best Industry Practices (BIP)

This second Report confirms Road Transport’s Sustainable Development achievements. The new 2nd Report on Road Transport Best Industry Practices (BIP), compiled by the Fraunhofer Institute, shows that road transport operators are investing in innovative at-source measures that are reducing environmental impact and increasing profitability. Examples include: a grouped city-centre distribution scheme, an eco-friendly gritting technique, a prototype fuel-cell delivery van, a tyre management plan, programmes to reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle utilisation rates, refresher driver training, environmental management systems and green accounting.

Link: Second Report on Road Transport Best Industry Practices (BIP)