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Pune Muncipal Corporation (India)
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PUNE: Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Pune City

The National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) has been formulated by the Ministry of Urban Development in 2006 to transform the current urban transport system into a safe, convenient and efficient transportation system across all urban areas in India. In order to ensure that the various urban transport projects that are being developed by the cities are NUTP compliant, the ministry has in a March 2007 circular indicated that a “Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) be prepared that focuses on mobility of people rather than vehicles and accordingly give priority to pedestrians, Non-Motorized Transport (NMT), all modes of public transport and IPT.”

The CMP essentially will suggest various actions that lead towards a vision. The Comprehensive City Mobility Plan addresses traffic growth of all modes of transportation and suggests a direction for the multi-modal transport system of Pune. The CMP will improve and emphasize Sustainable Transport Modes. The objectives of this Study are:

  • To understand present day traffic characteristics and prepare forecasts of these character through the development of a transportation model.
  • To develop a transportation vision for Pune.
  • To identify specific strategies and measures to address traffic growth of all modes of transportation in an effort to meet set goals.
  • Prepare a programe of CMP implementations along with block cost estimates.