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Chhavi Dhingra and Santhosh Kodukula
GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
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Public Bicycle Schemes: Applying the Concept in Developing Cities: Examples from India

This document is intended as an introduction to the concept of bicycle sharing programs and attempts to analyse the developing country climate (taking India as an example) for encouraging schemes like bike sharing in cities, based on the challenges faced and lessons learnt in the west and other Asian cities where such programs have already been implemented. The objective of this technical document is to familiarize city authorities, transport planners, businesses, civil society representatives and policy makers with the various components of a bicycle sharing program, and to provide initial guidance and advice on designing and implementing such programs for Indian cities. An analysis of the existing bicycle rental programs in India and their challenges validates and reinforces the document’s objectives.