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Joana Pinho
Portuguese Environment Agency (Portugal)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
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Planning policies in municipal mobility plans

The present Project consists of a Mobility Plan (MP) for the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão (VNF), as part of the Sustainable Mobility Project (SMP), an initiative of the Portuguese Environment Agency. To participate in this Project 40 running municipalities were selected. A net of University Centers was responsible for the elaboration of the MPs. VNF case was carried out by the Planning Laboratory of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Oporto, along with other five municipalities most of them from the North Region. The process of elaboration of the MP included several meetings with the Department of Urbanism of the Municipality and the contact with Agents of the Transport Systems, for example, in order to understand expectations and to collect information to complete a diagnosis of the mobility
conditions in VNF. The objectives draw by the team address i) the improvement of the accessibility of jobs, schools, trade and services by more sustainable modes; ii) the improvement of the quality of the environment and the public space; iii) the conditioning of trips by car and therefore the reduction of its weight in the modal split, this should be done either by interventions in the infrastructure either by changes to the provision and to the management of car parking. For the SMP, and given the scarce resources and short duration of the project, it was chosen to target interventions to specific problems of the municipalities, trying to make concrete proposals, feasible and that would contribute to the concept of sustainable mobility that it aims to implement.