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National Ports Strategy

There have been a number of calls for a national ports strategy for Australia, including a Parliamentary Inquiry into Coastal Shipping in 2008. Infrastructure Australia’s reports to the Council of Australian Governments in 2008 and 2009 also proposed a national ports strategy as a key element of its national infrastructure theme, ‘Competitive International Gateways’.
In 2009, the Government announced that Infrastructure Australia and the National Transport Commission would develop a national ports strategy during 2010 for consideration by the Council of Australian Governments.
Australia’s ports and related landside logistic chains face major challenges from growth in trade. Different ports face different challenges. Ensuring adequate capacity and reconciling various parties’ interests is important for all ports.

The national ports strategy covers both bulk commodity ports and container ports, identifying:


the most effective regulatory and governance frameworks;

ways to improve land planning and corridor preservation; and

the future infrastructure requirements of Australia’s ports, including road and rail links.