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Sara Van Dyck and Ilse Vleugels
e-Atomium, EU
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Peter Midgley
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Mobility Management: Transport & Mobility Training for Energy Agencies and Local Actors

e-Atomium is a training project funded through the STEER programme which is part of the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Europe programme and will be implemented in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The aim of e-Atomium is to strengthen the knowledge of local / regional managing agencies in the transport field and to accelerate the take up of EU research results in the field of local and regional transport. The beneficiaries of the project are managing (energy) agencies and local actors who want to play a bigger role in the transport field.

The following compendium contains results of EU research-projects and complementary results of national research-projects and is mainly based on the Mobility Management Manual which has been developed by Robert Pressl and Karl Reiter (both FGM-AMOR, Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität gemein. GmbH – Austrian Mobility Research) within the PORTAL project in 2002. This material was modified for the demands of the e-ATOMIUM target group in 2006.