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World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
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Susanna Zammataro
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Environment & Climate Change, Urban Mobility, Social Development
Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)

Mobility as a Driver of Economic Development: Sao Paulo, Brazil

This case study, part of the WBCSD’s Mobility for Development project, investigates the mobility situation in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. It highlights the dramatic shift in patterns of mobility over the last 40 years and looks at ways to better integrate different transport modes and thereby reduce heavy congestion on the city’s roads.
As economic growth and industrialization accelerate and livelihoods and incomes improve, so the demand for mobility increases. However, in much of the developing world, demand for mobility solutions to drive economic growth continues to outpace supply, while the growing number of vehicles and other mobility solutions has not been matched by the necessary improvements in infrastructure.

Link: Mobility as a Driver of Economic Development: São Paulo, Brazil