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Mitigating Traffic Congestion: The Role of Demand-Side Strategies

Mitigating Traffic Congestion: The Role of Demand-Side Strategies articulates a framework for understanding contemporary efforts to manage demand and improve the performance and efficiency of transportation systems. The document provides extensive examples of programs already underway in a variety of application settings, including over 25 in-depth case studies from across the USA.

The in-depth case studies illustrate a handful of the many applications of demand-side strategies in place today. The case studies attempt to highlight the diversity of programs, with an effort to find examples that also provided one or more measures of program effectiveness.

Mitigating Traffic Congestion outlines a framework for understanding the full scope of demand-side strategies, and provides a wealth of case studies, both brief and in-depth, that illustrate where and how these strategies are already underway. The document is organized around these primary five sections:

The Demand-Side Framework – The broad framework for understanding demand-side strategies, their impact on traveler choices, and the varied settings where they are applied.

Summary of Case Study Experience – A review of the case studies collected and key lessons learned from the case study exploration.

Conclusions & Future Developments – A summary of concluding thoughts from the publication as a whole and highlights of important future developments.

Additional Resources & References – A collection of organizations, publications and internet resources, along with citations from this publication.

The Case Studies – In-depth case studie