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Men As Partners A Program for Supplementing the Training of Life Skills Educators

EngenderHealth’s Men As Partners (MAP) program is a global initiative designed to work
with men on reproductive health issues within a gender framework. This manual is designed
to be used by PPASA MAP educators to lead workshops with groups of men and
mixed-gender groups.

Within the PPASA, the term trainer is commonly used to refer to an educator who delivers
programs directly to the public. The term master trainer refers to a more skilled individual
who trains and supervises these educators on a given topic. In this manual, the terms life
skills educator and MAP master trainer are used to distinguish more clearly between these
two levels of work.

The MAP master trainer will use this guide to train and supervise selected life skills educators
to implement MAP activities with the public. Individuals selected by PPASA to become
the MAP master trainers are already experienced with staff and volunteer training
and are very familiar with existing PPASA life skills education programs.
The MAP life skills educator will deliver MAP activities to the public. The life skills educators
selected by PPASA to become MAP educators are already trained in reproductive
health and life skills issues and are currently running a variety of educational outreach activities
for PPASA.

This manual includes a variety of interactive educational activities for the MAP master
trainer to use in his or her work. Some of the activities are intended for use in internal staff
training, and others are intended for use by the MAP life skills educators.