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Market Update: Review of the European PPP Market in 2012

The European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) is a joint initiative involving the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Commission, Member States of the European Union, Candidate States and certain other States. This publication has been prepared to contribute to and stimulate discussions on public-private partnerships (PPPs) as well as to foster the diffusion of best practices in this area.

The European PPP market recorded in 2012 its lowest volume and number of transactions for a decade 66 PPP transactions reached financial close for an aggregate value of EUR 11.7 billion. Compared to 2011, this represents a 21% decrease in the number of closed deals and a 35% drop in value The number of large projects dropped significantly compared to 2011 The UK proved to be the most active PPP market in Europe both in terms of volume and number of projects.
This publication deals with:
  • PPP transactions in the EU;
  • Transactions of a design-build-finance-operate (DBFO) nature or a design-build-finance-maintain (DBFM) nature or concession arrangements which feature a construction element, the provision of a public service and a genuine risk sharing between the public and the private sector;
  • Transactions financed through ‘project financing’ and which reached financial close in the year; and
  • Transactions for a value of at least EUR 10 million.
The project values quoted in this publication refer to the projects’ external funding requirements at the time of financial close (i.e. the sum of debt and equity) and exclude public capital contributions. The external funding requirement of a project can be significantly different to its capital investment cost.