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Andi Rahmah
Pelangi (Indonesia)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Asia (AS)

JAKARTA: Creating a Pedestrian Environment by Integrating NMT Facilities in the Urban Transport System in Jakarta

Non Motorized Transportation (NMT) mode is the most accessible mode of transportation for society from all ages and social economic level.

Trip share for NMT mode in Jakarta and Botabek are slightly higher at 39% and 45% respectively. The trip share  will be higher on low income people group (SITRAMP phase 2, 2002).

Due to insufficient facilities which are appropriate with pedestrian and NMT mode users, 65% fatality on road accident involved pedestrian. In addition, 35% of the victim of  road accident that involved pedestrian are children.

Providing of appropriate natural transportation facilities will create opportunities for people to meet and interact, helping to create community networks. Finally, it can have a major impact on community livability.

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